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About us

Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Consumers

Welcome to Sriarogiya, your destination for quality products at Founded in May 2015, Sriarogiya is dedicated to delivering directly to customers at affordable prices. We accept orders via WhatsApp and through our e-commerce platform website
Recognizing the challenges faced by farmers in selling their produce, we initiated Sriarogiya to bridge this gap. Our mission is to connect farmers with consumers by offering their natural oils through GQKART.COM (Good Quality Products). We are committed to supporting farmers and ensuring that the proceeds from sales go directly to them. In an era where the number of farmers is declining, it is imperative to uplift them by promoting their organic products. With each purchase, you contribute to the livelihood of a farmer and their family. Join us in empowering farmers and embracing quality, natural products.

How is Cold-Pressed Oil Extracted?

Cold-pressed oil is extracted through a natural process that begins with the harvesting of seeds using chemical-free farming methods. Once harvested, the seeds are dried naturally under the sun. Subsequently, they are crushed using a wooden press known as “Marachekku”. This wooden press is rotated with the assistance of bullocks, ensuring thorough crushing of the dried seeds and extraction of oil. The extracted oil is then collected and sold under the brand name Sriarogiya (GQKART.COM – Good Quality Products).

Why Choose Sriarogiya (GQKART.COM - Good Quality Products)?

  • Direct Sourcing: Our cold-pressed oils are sourced directly from farmers, ensuring purity and chemicals free.
  • Traditional Extraction: Using a wooden press ensures the authenticity of the extraction process.
  • Natural Quality: Expect 100% natural quality in all our products.
  • Trusted: Trusted by over 10,000 families across India. Experience the goodness of pure, chemical-free cold-pressed oils with Sriarogiya (GQKART.COM – Good Quality Products).

Our Products

  • Cold-pressed coconut oil
  • Cold-pressed gingelly oil
  • Cold-pressed groundnut oil
  • Cold-pressed castor oil
  • Palm Jaggery/ Karupatti
  • Palm Sugar
  • Palm Candy
  • Palm Granuels
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Cane Sugar/ Nattusakarai
  • Jaggery
  • Cow Ghee Handmade Soaps
  • Rice Mix Podi & Idly Podi
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Natural Wild Forest Raw Honey

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer natural, chemical-free products nationwide while prioritizing support for farmers. We source oil directly from farmers and distribute it across India. We strive to raise awareness about the benefits of natural products and advocate for the well-being of farmer families. Together, let’s continue on the path of natural living and empower farming communities.

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