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3 Refreshing DIY Juices for Summer

3 Refreshing DIY Juices for Summer

Summer season is here! On a great sunny morning, the sun's rays make all the path to reach you to make your day brighter as you, but wait what happens after a few hours, Enough of feeling low energy here are some power boosters to make you feel like a lemon in the room. Don’t see for refreshing juice near me, just do it yourself. So let's dive into summertime beverages.

1. Muskmelon juice

This delicious fruit is here to quench your thirst and make you feel like a mini spring around you. Also packed with nutrients and vitamins this is here to give you the goodness you need.

DIY fresh juice recipe: It only takes 5 minutes so let's do it.

Step 1: Cut the mushy muskmelon you bought and take all the pulp out.

Step 2: Put the pulp in the blender. You can also add milk if you want.

Wait! Don't throw the seed away. Put in your fruit blender or take them separately and dry them and here you have a crunchy evening snack or toppings for your meals and smoothies.
Step 3: Final touch add our pure wild forest honey. Believe us it's worth it. Oola! you made yourself a cafe-styled muskmelon juice.

2. Cucumber juice

This green baby contains 96% water and is an amazing detox drink. This summer fruit helps you feel hydrated and makes you feel like you came out of a waterfall. 

DIY fresh juice recipe:

Step 1: Cut the cucumber into slices, two for your eyes and two for your mouth. Hereafter no excuses put everything in your blender.

Step 2: Add some mint leaves and half a lemon plus a pinch of Himalayan salt.

Step 3: Grab your favorite glass. As a final touch cut a lemon slice and insert it in your glass. Feels like you're in Hawaii? 

Cucumber juice

 3. Custard Apple juice 

Custard apple juice

This is the sweetest homemade fruity drink you can come across. After drinking this you will be much sweeter than you are.  

DIY fresh juice recipe:

Step 1: Chop the custard apple into pieces. Some sweetener if you need.

Step 2: Remove the seeds and add it to the blender. Add some milk if you want a super smoothie.

Step 3: Shift it to glass, Tadaa! Enjoy your custard apple smoothie

Here are some tips for you

1. Drink tender coconut- The “ Healthiest summer drink ”  

2. Add curd to your diet.

3. Take all the sun-protecting weapons with you and don't forget the refreshment drinks!!

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