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Cold pressed coconut oil is 100% pure natural oil which is extracted by the natural method with the help of the wooden press. Cold pressed coconut oil will give the original aroma, taste, and smell of coconut oil. Coconuts will be dried under the hot sun. the dried coconut is called copra. That copras will be crushed with the help of a wooden press. The wooden press will slowly rotate to crush the copra.

While crushing the copra oil will be extracted wisely.  The oil will be collected and stored in an oil can and set aside for a while. The particles present in oil get sedimented.

Cold pressed coconut oil has adorable ingredients that have many health benefits. This oil can be used for regular use for cooking. Even all age limits humans can also consume it. Especially for children, it’s really good for their health and growth. Massaging babies with cold pressed coconut oil will help from dehydration.

Typically, Coconut oil has 80% of saturated fat which is good for health. Those who have belly fat use coconut oil which helps to reduce unsaturated fat.

If anyone has low immunity and lack of energy then consume cold pressed coconut oil which has greater immunity and energy booster.

In general, there is a myth which tells that coconut oil will freeze inside the human body. But the real fact is the human body will have a temperature of 37-degree Celsius which will not make coconut oil to freeze.

Making process:-

Naturally dried coconuts are pressed by marachekku or wood press, an ancient method of crushing.

The extracted oil is let to sediment in oil can for a couple of days. After that oil is filtered and stored in tin/bottle accordingly.

Best Before 3 months from the date of Manufacturing.

Benefits of Cold pressed coconut oil

Hair Health: Cold pressed coconut oil nourishes hair and reduces hair fall

Skin:- Prevents sagging dryness and flaking.

Head:- Knock out mental exhaustion

Immunity: Sustain the immune system

Healing: Blemished tissues, liver and kidney diseases, pancreatitis.

Diabetes: Controls the level of blood sugar.

Bones and Teeth: Increase bone strength and dental health.


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