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Gingelly Oil (Karupatti added)


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Coconut Oil

Gingelly Oil (Jaggery added)


Gingelly oil is extracted from dry sesame seeds by cold-pressing method. Cold pressing is a wooden process of extracting oil from oil seeds at room temperature in a traditional way without adding any chemicals, preservatives and any external heat.

Gingelly oil is unbleached, unrefined and cold-pressed which has a fresh aroma of sesame. For cooking and dietary purpose, cold-pressed sesame oil is one of the healthiest cooking oil with numerous health benefits.



1. Oil Pulling:

Make it a morning routine to swish a tbsp of sesame oil into your mouth up to 20 mins and then spit it. Rinse with warm water. Follow by rinsing with mouthwash or brushing. It draws out mucus and improves gum health.

2. Before Sleep:

To promote healthy sleep patterns, massage the scalp and soles of the feet with sesame oil before bedtime.

3. Body Massage:

Massage it all over your body to release skin impurities, then bathe or shower with warm water. Also, massage and put some warm oil in your ears.

4. Nasya Treatment:

Sniff a little sesame oil to protect your nose and sinuses. Using your little finger, massage and rub the oil inside your nostrils. Then pinch and release the nostrils breathing sharply.

5. For Cooking:

  • Sautéing and stir-frying are the best ways to use sesame oil attributing to its low smoke point.
  • Never use it for deep-frying.
  • Make your pickles, subzi  and other South Indian/North Indian dishes.
  • It goes well as a salad dressing and in international cuisine

6. For lighting lamps:

  • Lighting a ghee lamp is the most auspicious but after ghee, sesame oil is considered to be the most sacred oil to light a lamp with

7. For Skin:

  • Sesame Oil contains an antioxidant named sesamol which has huge potential as an anti-aging cream because it helps in keeping the skin cells rejuvenated and health
  • Our ancestors somehow knew about the anti-bacterial benefits of sesame oil and hence it was used for a massage before sleeping which protects the skin from any kinds of infections  With so many material and spiritual benefits, sesame oil is truly a gift from the gods but these benefits are intact and available only when you use cold-pressed sesame oils. Let’s move towards a happier healthier tomorrow by switching to Shubharambh cold-pressed oils today.
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Black sesame oil is a time-tested and effective superfood and used not just in foods, but also as a ayurvedic formulation. It is full of powerful antioxidants and it is a an edible oil. Shubharambh’s traditional wood pressing method ensures that no heat is produced and all the nutrients in the oil are intact.


Sesame seed is a storehouse of many nutrients and a symbol of prosperity and health in ancient folklore. It has a warming property and has been for long used to manage the Vata.It is known to enter the skin deeply carrying its nourishing and soothing properties. It is also a rich source of vitamin E (an antioxidant) and other nutrients like zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, iron and Vitamin B-6. These properties provide nourishment, protection and detoxify damaged skin and hair. The high concentration of omega-6 leads to good moisturizing properties.


  • Rich source of vitamin E
  • Decreases lipid peroxidation
  • Good source of calcium
  • Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Great for skin and hair care
  • Promote dental health
  • Rich in iron, can cure anaemia and weakness
  • 100% natural, unprocessed, cold-pressed, chemical-free and healthy.
  • 100% pure, vegan, preservative-free and gluten-free

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